The exorcist!

Prompt ~

Image courtesy of messi and taken from the Wiki Commons
Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)


He caught me by my hair. The lightning struck repeatedly. I felt my brain sizzle.

All the monsters fled leaving me flaccid.

The exorcist woke me up

At another session, after 3 months ….

I was made to wait outside the door. The surroundings reminded me of a hospital.

The door opened and somebody was wheeled out on a stretcher trolley. The exorcist walked besides him. He was reassuring the victim. ‘Don’t worry, sir. I have forced many demons to flee, just a turn of the knob and they leave for other worlds’.

I saw the many demons he had exorcised sitting on his shoulders.

Exactly three years seven months and sixteen days from today –  I saw him lying on the table all braced up and another technician turning the knob to evict the demons.

The doctor in green gown said, ‘be careful with the pulse of the current – poor chap he used to be the chief ECT technician here; got carried away and started a side business of exorcism’.

I hope the demons have not come back to torment me or is it a side effect of the shock therapy I received.

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10 thoughts on “The exorcist!

  1. Ha ha ha.. YS, you never stop surprising me with your writing. ECT techie turns an exorcist on the side eh? scary thought. Every time I walk into a hospital to get a test done, your story is going to pop-up in my head.. And a small nit (What do I know anyway eh?) .. Shouldn’t it be ‘hair’ instead of ‘hairs’ (it reads awkward that is all)…Loved it all the same.
    Cheers n tc.

    • I shall edit and correct the error.

      With changing times the generally considered safe places and professions are not as safe they used to be … ( less to be said and more to be gleaned).

      Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

  2. What a great take on the prompt!!! I love this story. You could go even further with it. What a weird business. And the narrator sore the demons on the other’s shoulders. I like the quote from Nietzsche. Excellent story. Lucy

    • I saw the prompt as an ECT machine and tried to combine the two prompts.

      In case any body is interested to take this ahead – Welcome as the longer genre is not my forte.

      Thanks for the appreciation.

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