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Lyssa Medana


Narcissism is a human trait. The tree did not enjoy its reflection.

It pined for the view behind the reflecting-pane. It pined for the man who climbed it as a boy. It pined for the lad who had told him about his date. It pined for the man who relaxed under it after a hard day’s labor. It pined for the old-man who could just walk up to it and sit on the folding-chair placed for him.

The same man had sought solace just gazing at it from his bed.

The tree rued the closed window.

words < 100

Plenty of data to suggest that plants are sensitive. The burr cucumber can detect and respond to a weight of 0.009 ounces (0.25 grams). If humans, who can barely detect 0.07 ounces (two grams), possessed the same level of sensitivity, a lover’s kiss would resemble a slap in the face. Review of the book – What a Plant Knows (2012) by Daniel Chamovitz.


12 thoughts on “Ruminations

  1. Yarnspinnerr, A beautiful, poetic piece. It brings the reader closer to nature. It seems to me that all things, plants and animals–including man–are in the mind of God. All things are provided with the resources to meet their needs. Left to itself, nature replenishes and supplies. Mankind has largely forgotten how to make use of resources and often destroys them. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  2. Wow. Excellent writing. Giving inanimate objects life and character is not easy. You did it amazingly well. You contrasted man versus nature too. I loved the use of anaphora with the phrases “It pined for..” Such powerful impact with so few words. Loved it. Keep penning to awe us.
    Cheers n tc.

    • That is really heartening. I used the phrase to lend emphasis with apprehension. It is good to know that the impact was positive. Thanks for the encouraging comment. I appreciate it.

      Cheers & tc. 🙂

  3. Love this tender, heartfelt story, YS. Those facts at the end are also wonderful to know. I talk to my plants sometimes and like to feel that they understand. If only we all could be as grateful for and kind toward the plant life as they are depicted as caring for us in this story.

    • I am so glad you like it, Leigh.

      All the people who like plants know they grow better if you talk to them. I am sure your plants are wonderfully healthy.

      Thank you for the interest and the lovely comment

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