The Sunday Yarn ~ Bubbles !

Prompt ~

A bubble


An old man bought his grandson a little container of soap solution and a small wire loop with a plastic handle to hold it. The small boy capered around blowing in to the loop and making bubbles that flew around the little park.

Inevitably, some bubbles bumped into each other. Some produced secondary bubbles. Some were far apart; others closely packed like foam. However, all expanded initially and then burst resembling the formation of a multiverse or a meta-universe. The distance between two bubbles acted like a black hole that slowly sucked up any energy that escaped.

enhanced-buzz-17372-1380885823-2                                      Photo credit  ~ Flickr: photonqu antique / Creative Commons

The old man called the child and took his loop. He dipped it into the soap solution and placed a teeny-weeny particle of dust in the loop and blew it; the dust contained a bit of DNA. The bubble floated low for a second or two and burst. The boy enjoyed the new game and started imitating his grandfather.

A new bubble bust and merged in to an old bubble; the seed of life was planted in one of the universes.

The Supreme-kid loves to blow bubbles from the ether.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



21 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Bubbles !

  1. Nice touch of fantasy at the end. And it alludes to many philosophical teachings. The narration feels jumpy though. “…. rushed around..” felt awkward. ‘Hurried’ may be a better word? Just a thought. And in the end bubbles carry life transporting DNA to unknown worlds. Nicely done. Enjoyed reading it.
    Cheers n tc.

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