The magical-spear!

Prompt ~


Image courtesy of Aleksandra Furtak and taken from Wiki Commons
Does exactly what it says on the tin ~ advertisement


The landlords love to reap what they never sowed, and charge rent for …….

The last owner of the castle had little respect for human values. He had a magical-spear and it was believed that nobody could defeat him. His subjects lived in terror.

One day a masked man nailed summons of the Holy-Vehm on the entrance of the castle.

The noble-lord ignored the summons believing that the spear would protect him.

Soon, he was found dead with multiple stab wounds along with a broken spear.

It is a rare product that does exactly what it says on the tin .

words < 100



6 thoughts on “The magical-spear!

  1. AC, I’ve not been around as much lately as I’d like, but one thing is certain and that is that I miss your writing. There is such a good lesson to be learned here, and you’ve showed us that with so few words. Well done, my friend!

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