The Sunday Yarn ~ Truth of DQs descent !

Prompt ~

79 09 September 28th 2014


Don Quixote’s descent into the Cave of Montesino has been interpreted in many ways. What Cervantes did not tell the world in his famous book was the fact that DQ believed he was being pursued by a large dragon.

Sancho Panza humored him and lowered DQ through a rope into the cave so that he could escape the dragon. In the depths of the cave DQ gets trapped in Merlin’s game of awaking bewitched knights.

On being pulled out, DQ believes he was down there for 3 days while SP tells him he was down there for an hour, only. Again Cervantes played truant and did not elaborate on the discrepancy.

In fact a dragon was really following the duo in hope of a bite of SPs fat behind and had made itself invisible but DQ had sensed it. The hungry dragon, had eaten away the time on the surface and as a result had regressed to its docile babyhood.

Merlin came to know that SPs life was in danger and bewitched the dragon. Now it waits for its mother to come and save it … in the next evolutionary cycle of this planet.

Words  approx. 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



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