The Sunday Yarn ~ Unneccessary demolition!

Prompt ~

Demolition of an old building.


‘Tools and machines do not demolish ….. there is always a motive behind it;  and often it can be labeled as human greed.’ The prompt had triggered one of Dom’s moods.
I – What is so special about it?
D – The cost.
I – Yes, it is expensive.
D – It is not about rupees and dollars.
I – (?)
D – The pollution and depletion of our natural resources – environmental costs.
I – So we make all old buildings a heritage site (wink).
D – No! Deconstruct, refurbish and recycle rather than demolish.
I – You really think it is a solution.
D – Yes, unless it is a quest for occult ritualistic sacrifice for ulterior motives.
I – (?)
D –Like the 9/11 demolition of twin towers.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


Dom (pronounced as Ohm with a D) is a childhood friend. He has idiosyncratic ideas that are often hilarious and occasionally baffling. To read other posts about him click on the link below.


7 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Unneccessary demolition!

  1. That’s what I like about my place that I live in now. It is an 1834 house that has been turned into flats. That building they tore down in the photo, there was a hell of a lot of anger about that. All it needed was a new roof and it could have been something.

I love arguments

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