The Sunday Yarn ~ Marquis de Jack’s Halloween!

Prompt ~

84 10 October 26th 2014


This post contains adult content.

The Marquis and Jill were in a relationship that would remind an observer (if there was one?) of fifty shades of grey. However, Mr Observer would not be capable of naming the one who loved it best.

On 31st October, 2013, Anthony waited in a darkened room. A jack-o-lantern shed a little light in one corner that cast a dark shadow of a Greek-statue’s manhood.

He sat in a dark corner in a bathing robe waiting for her. A handful of porcupine quills and a small jar of pepper salve sat on the side table near him. He had planned a nasty surprise for Jill – one she would truly love.

The Marquis’s face lit up as two bare legs in a helmet and chain-mail-armor entered the room. He let Jill walk over to him and then the two embraced ……….

Tasers of pain racked his other crown.

‘Who are you?’ Jack mumbled as the chain-mail shackled him.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



11 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Marquis de Jack’s Halloween!

  1. Ooh… Nice racey tale. Loved it. I knew it was not Jill from the get go but the read kept me glued. Please excuse me for acting like a grammar Nazi… But a well written piece read better when the grammar is refined right? so taking the liberty – to only show you how much I admire your writing. 😀
    1. “…truly love (he thought).”… We don’t need he thought. We already are with you in his thoughts.
    2. “…face lighted up as” .. …face lit up as?

    • Thank you, friend. I am so glad you liked it – just tried my hand at this genre though it is not my regular writing style.
      I sincerely appreciate the grammatical suggestions. I shall edit and correct them. 🙂

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