Of shells & pebbles!

Prompt –

2014-10-27 - BW Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  Little did we know that Grandpa was a collector.

Little did we know that Grandpa was a collector of objects other than cars! We were cleaning up prior to going back to our own lives in distant cities, a few days after his terhhvi*. It is horrendous to realize how an elderly man lives on his own,‘Oh God!’ is all one can think.

The house was bequeathed to my elder-brother; the car-collection would fund a chair in his alma-mater and my younger sister had all of granny’s jewelry. My old resentment of being a sandwich-kid …..

Finally, we came across a jewel-box labeled ‘Aesop’. It contained all the pebbles and shells that I had collected as a child. It was passed around till dear sis dropped it scattering all the shells; the false bottom was dislodged and – it contained fistful of precious gems.

It was much later I came to know that the gems were all collector’s items.

Words < 150
*Rituals performed on the 13th day after a person has died.


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