The Sunday Yarn ~ Simulacrum

Prompt ~

85 11 November 2nd 2014


The paleo-zoologist examined the picture. He thought that a giant invertebrate inhabits these waters.

A thorough examination of the picture reveals rocks, some greenery, a neck, a face, some appendages and much more. Unfortunately, the photograph was not taken by a digital-camera. The giant was throwing up spray and over-exposure of the film added to the confusion.

Our minds are often led astray in such situations. There is no dearth of instances where Jesus is seen on a toast or Ganesh stares back from a pumpkin. A missing arc in the waters in front and its rear turbulence eliminated any possibility of a swimmer.

The object hidden in the tiara of the spray could be a plesiosaur. The expert wondered if he had found the Nessie in Tibet or was it just the Yeti frolicking in the waters.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



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