The Arch!

Prompt –

2014-11-10 - BW Beacham

Finish the story that begins with: “Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion?”

“Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion?” The speaker queried his audience. The opinion of the house was split across the middle.

The speaker waived his hand for silence and addressed them …….

All history, folklore and myths have connived to hide the truth. As Noah was building his wooden-ark to escape the flood, a highly developed group of humans was designing starships and planning to leave the Earth. They helped Noah design his arc with their superior knowledge and technology. Noah was given the exact instructions and measurements for building the ark, down to the inch. This is mentioned in Exodus 15:10 and Exodus 25:40.

Several hands went up …….

But, this is not true. The arch was a gateway to another time – safe from all turbulence on the planet.

Instantly the audience found themselves amidst a cluster of locusts.

The speaker uttered ‘Quad et demonstrandum’ and transformed in to a giant locust.

Words < 150
Mondays Finish the Story
Mondays Finish the Story challenge!

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