Of tyres …….

Prompt ~

Claire Fuller (7)

Copyright-Claire Fuller

Roper’s situated in Amritsar is a relic of the colonial era. It was sold to the Khans in 1947.

The pile of tyres, the police and the cordon (not visible in the prompt picture) was enough to make the present owner Vazir Khan to flee. Unfortunately, in his haste to get away he did not see the 16-wheeler speeding down.

The police had retrieved nearly half a ton of heroin hidden in the tyres of the truck from across the border parked inside.

Two such tyres splattered Vazir’s brain on the pavement across the garage.

Words   <100



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



18 thoughts on “Of tyres …….

  1. A bit of a departure for you, but a good one and very visual (splattered brains). It does no good to run from the police. Would Vazir see death as the better alternative to prison?

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