The Sunday Yarn ~ The wait.

Prompt ~

A bridge going over a small river


Jill sat glued to the window. She could see the pavement of the last half of the bridge. It was always on the left pavement that she spotted him walking towards the colony gate. She had been waiting since she had recovered, which was about 10 days ago.
She waited till she was called away for supper after the sun had set.
The wait continued each noon till the week end. Her apprehension increased by leap and bounds with each day of the wait. Dire thoughts tormented her. Other girls kept wrenching him away in her thoughts.
The mind was distraught but her heart held fast to the belief ……. he will come to her.
Two days later – the golf cup confused her but the gait seemed familiar. She rushed to the gate with butterflies in her stomach.
The golf-cap was waiting for her at the usual spot – behind the tree near the gate.
‘Jack’, she shouted  as both involuntarily hugged the other.
‘Where have you been, Jack?’
‘At the hospital with the doctors observing me.’

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ The wait.

  1. Sweet story with a twist at the end. Although I was confused at one point but I think it may have been a spelling error. You have golf cup and then gold-cap

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