The Sunday Yarn ~ The damsel’s distress

Prompt ~

Dragon incense burner with incense coming from the mouth


The distressed damsel was bored. She had gone through a number of knights. Being a damsel was a monotonous profession that involved long waits. The warlocks were more interesting and she had learned many a tricks from them. She decided to ………..

After a few months ….. She heard the drumming of a horse’s hooves and knew that another one was some miles away. A sardonic smile crossed her lips.

The young and eager knight found the castle moat infested with dragons. A toddler of a dragon snapped at him as he stepped in – he dispatched it to other lands with a straw-arrow. Soon, a fully-grown, fire spewing dragon confronted him – the wizard’s charm and the lancet took care of it. Before he could fully recover, a giant dragon burped and the knight fainted from the stench. He recovered soon and saw it exhaling the famous Bhopal-fumes that were still in the womb of the future. Thinking on his foot …… err back, the knight put a herbal-goo on an arrow and shot it in the dragons backside. The air was soon redolent.

The damsel was truly interested in this one and no longer bored.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



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