The Sunday Yarn ~ The magical treasure.

I am really really late this time but my muse is to be blamed – as it has gone in to a coma. Please prey for his early recovery…….

Prompt ~

View of one of the outbuildings from the roof of Dover Castle


I shall be one of the many who convey those tiny whispers in the remote corners of human heart – the ones that are often ignored ………..

Mr. Jhingaroo had been cataloguing the ten most magical spot in the world; and he had been traveling around the globe in his quest. Sitting on one of the benches ………. he contemplated on all he had found here at Dover Castle.
A history of Dover Castle in Kent could be a history of England. From ….. its roots in iron age to present times; its many ghost; and the many legends that he knew without being told.
He had visited the museum and seen of coins unearthed in 1955. Instinctively he knew that many of them were magical. A number of jinns were trapped in them – just waiting to be let out.
He closed his eyes and pictured the British PM in his mind and whispered ……….. ‘Please save it from the terrorists so that they do not become invincible’.

Words  < 200


For more of Mr Jhingaroo


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


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