The Sunday Yarn ~ The road to ……..

Prompt ~

92 12 December 21st 2014


The man in red coat sat reading the news labeled ‘Tollways’ …….

Limiting toll collection to recover project cost is facing resistance on grounds that it will add to the fiscal burden of the government. Money collected through toll after the end of the concession period is used to maintain national highway projects.
The tolling strategy needs to be re-looked at, keeping in mind the issue of the local users. More importantly the issue of collecting toll until perpetuity for stretches without providing an alternative free route to users who may not wish to pay also needs to be addressed.

Last year the toll collectors had confiscated nearly half of his load while kids waited for him across the globe.
The construction industry may soon exile him to the abyss of myth-land.

Words  < 200



Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


12 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ The road to ……..

    • Seasons greetings and Thank you,

      It is some time since he quit air travel ….. the air-fares, luggage charge and terrorists, plus the long waits and all those security checks … tedious.

  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before big business and or government got to him! That’s okay he’s catching up with scientific things and has developed a time machine so will go back and repair damage to any forgotten child :)! Great, great story. Love it! 🙂

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