The Sunday Yarn ~ Of death and transformation

Prompt ~

95 01 January 11th 2015


Captain Sujon was grief stricken. He was taking his beloved of 30 years to its death. Nothing dies of death; there is always a reason behind it. Tangibly death is not the end; it is simply a transformation. This is so awful ………..; unfortunately it is equally true for all things. He contemplated.

The old yacht manned by a skeleton staff was on its way to a ship breaking yard in South Asia. Sujon had seen ships being disinterred. Everything would be removed, reused or recycled. Just like the nature did with the dead. The very thought was abhorrent to him.

A sailor came down from the communication center and handed him a message. Sujon read the message and his face lit up – the owners had agreed to sell the yacht to NOJUS consortium. He called for Champagne and raised a silent toast to his future casino.

All death and transformation is essentially economic. He thought.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


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