The Sunday Yarn ~ Antilla

Prompt ~

copyright Joe Owens 2015


The land-baron saw the unwieldy building each day and invariably muttered what a waste. It was called Antilla but the land-baron called it Anthillaa.

The owner was strong and powerful and that frustrated the land-baron as he had set his heart on building a town ship in the island that housed the solitary Anthillaa.

One day the owner’s brother came to the door. The owner invited him in; gave him a patient hearing and then turned down his request,

A few days later a beggar woman knocked at the doors asking for alms and was turned out by the guards. She came back frequently and was refused each time. Then she sent her sons – famine, war and pestilence to the owner. They threatened the owner with their powers and the owner fled the Antilla.

The land-baron got his wish and he built a smart city in the island with many Anthillaas.

At last the brother was richer and more powerful than the owner of the Antilla.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Joe for the lovely prompt.

 PS – This is FICTION and any similarities between names are purely coincidental.

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