The Sunday Yarn ~ A new beginning

Prompt ~


Copyright Joe Owens 2015


The man from 2098 watched the waterfall along with his ancestors. He had made the backward journey in time to prove history wrong. He was researching the third world-war that had decimated 99% of the world population. The visitor had never believed that water was the cause for 3rd world war.

He had assiduously documented his findings – wastage, industrial usage, poor resource management, pollution sources and the clandestine water trade ……. till he reached 2015.

His findings indicated that the history was in fact true. If he reported his findings honestly, he would lose his hard earned reputation as an expert. No spin would work in this case, He pondered on the problem and finally thought of a solution.

He used his psychic teleportation powers on the huge water body and successfully teleported it to his fellow survivors residing in a little valley in Asia. The Niagra fall vanished leaving behind a stunned group of tourists.

An aspiring leader in 3013 addressed his fellow beings, “We have just a thousand years of history and it began after the waters from great flood receded, rest is just myth. “

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Joe for the lovely prompt.

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