The Sunday Yarn ~ Brigadier’s Search

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Copyright Joe Owens 2015


The Brigadier was looking for a wooden statue that could be displayed in his front portico. The Baron accompanied him, though he had little interest in such matters; as he had nothing worthwhile to engage him.

In one of the galleries, the art dealer asked them to accompany him to the basement. It was full of antique items – furniture, clocks, coins, stamps, statues, etc.

I have a couple that suits your need.

The two Bs looked them over. Finally the Brigadier spoke – These are damaged pieces …. they have been emasculated.

Sir, there are only few pieces of such antiquity that have not been so damaged and they are in the museums.

Who did it and why?

Missionaries! A number of church people petitioned the government against indecent carved figures in nineteenth century, Sir.

The Baron who had been surprisingly silent said – a fig leaf would have sufficed if these had been carved out of White Ash-wood.

Words  < 200
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Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Joe for the lovely prompt.

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