Aye aye, sir!

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “Pizza anyone?”

Pizza anyone?

Aye, Aye, sir. The famished sailors shouted in unison.

The man plucked pizzas off the tree and proceeded to toss them below.

A whirlwind had hurled their ship a thousand leagues in to space and finally landed at an island in space beyond the moon. The island was a huge jungle with no trace of any animal species. The trees were large with beautiful foliage and strange fruits.

The captain and his sailors ate the pizza fruits that tasted of fluffy-bread, melted-cheese, olives, tomatoes and foie- gras.

Their stomachs smiled and the trees grinned.

Soon the pizza fruits started digesting the humans and after ten sunsets there were only greenish black globular structures the size of a barrel.

Another set of sailors reached the space island and wandered past the cluster of young barren trees towards the fruit-laden trees beckoning them.

Words < 150


Mondays Finish the Story


17 thoughts on “Aye aye, sir!

  1. Creepy! I love it! The sentence with digesting the humans gave me the chills, which is a sign of a job well done! Thank you for participating again in the MFtS challenge, and I hope that you come back next week! Be well….. ^..^

    • They are; and the flora shall take such a course in evolution if the fauna does not stop exploiting it …… at least in some remote part of the cosmos and may be even here ………


  2. Creepy indeed. In a weird way, this reminds me of that famous scene in Troll 2 (the “Oh my god!” one), but without the line.
    Really imaginative story, and a great take on the prompt!

  3. I love the passing the young, barren trees — humanoid in structure?
    Great chilling tale. If a tree offers me a pizza, I think I’ll refuse. 🙂

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