The Sunday Yarn ~ A state of grace

Prompt ~

Copyright Joe Owens 2015


Dom had been on interstellar travel and was showing me his tour photographs. I was surprised to find the registration plate photograph in this lot and moved on to the next – this one showed a car museum of sorts.

These do not belong here, Dom.

No, these too are from a planet at the other end of our galaxy.

Looks like another planet having a romance with cars. It must be quite like earth.

No. They consider the car as the work of devil and root of all problems on earth.

Really …….

They have organic-sapiens government that follows the principle that humans need to develop the immense potential that is vested in their bodies and must live without any assistance from material technology.

I am sure they are still in the dark ages.

No. In fact they are actually much ahead of us. They have different museums dedicated to evil technologies from the sick planets in the cosmos. They are live warnings for their citizens.

But how did they collect these if they shun technology?

Psychic-telekinesis and teleportation forms the core of school education there and it leads to a state of graceful development of the society.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Joe for the lovely prompt.

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ A state of grace

  1. You must have a great imagination to get this story from a picture of license plates.
    A very well written and intriguing story.

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