The vow

Prompt  –

PHOTO PROMPT - © Dee Lovering

PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering

One winter night a ragged woman followed a majestic figure on the streets of Barcelona. The woman seemed to be pestering the man.
“My children are dying, and still the cities grow. You have forgotten me!”
“I have never forsaken you. So many cities lost their importance because they hurt you. Shall I name them …. have you forgotten?”
“When shall the grass grow again? When shall be fields of full of grain and orchards full of trees stooping with fruit?”
Silently, he walked away. The clocks chimed as he passed them.
Her eyes turned opaque. “They shall suffer!”

Words  < 100

This post is dedicated to all those who suffered from the recent quake in Nepal.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



24 thoughts on “The vow

  1. That’s Mother Nature having her revenge on selfish Mister Business. Great story, and my heart goes out to all the people affected by the earth quake as well.

  2. Great. I read this as the delicate balance between human’s Progress (the man) and Nature (the woman) – His walking away from her, showing her his back and her threat was clever.

    Nice work.

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