The apple

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!” 

After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart! She had consented to be a guinea-pig in a clinical trial for new drug that had potential to cure her Parkinsonism. She was asked to draw an apple.
How do you feel?
This pencil is not in my control.
Two doses later – Do you have better control now?
There is more energy in my hand now.
Five doses later – Feel like trying to draw that apple?
I am trying – the outline is not good.
Nine doses later –Want to give it another try?
I shall draw it in one stroke with no break!
Thirteen doses later ….
This shall be the best apple ever.
She handed the sheet to the investigator and it was a perfect apple. The investigator’s eyes glittered. After a week (without the drug) …..
How do you feel now?
The drug has worn off – this pencil is mighty hard to hold.

Words < 150

Mondays Finish the Story

20 thoughts on “The apple

  1. Well done YS! Wouldn’t it be great if they could eradicate Parkinsons, and other diseases too? Thank you for writing for this challenge again, and be well… ^..^

    • That is the problem with clinical trials. Once the trial is over …. adverse effects are the company’s responsibility but if there is improvement one has to wait till the new drug reaches the market and then if one can afford it….

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hope someone gets a remedy soon.. Heads are difficult to be controlled when they are ‘lost’, Good story.

  3. I remember watching a movie once where the character was on a trial drug, and started to live ‘normally’ but the side effects were also destroying their organs… so they had to be taken off the meds. The character wanted to continue them if only to be ‘normal’ for a limited time than to sit like a veritable for the rest of their life.

  4. A very well written, insightful response to the prompt, ys ~ Sadly I agree with you on your first comment ~ New discoveries should be automatically availabe to all sufferers. ~ However???? ~ Such is the mechanics of research costs. 😦

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