The prescription

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Santoshwriter

Milano believed that there was a supernatural short-cut to all his problems. His nightly performances deteriorated as his vices increased. His millionaire wife kicked him out.
True to his beliefs he landed at the feet of a phony-seer. He narrated his woes to him and asked him for help. Each session with the seer cost him 100$. After four sessions he advised him to get a certain type of house plants …..
“Collect the perspiration from the leaves and mix the ingredients as described in this pamphlet”.
“You are sure this will help.”
“If you do exactly as directed”.

Words  ~100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.




24 thoughts on “The prescription

  1. Interesting story.
    Sounds like he is asking him to grow some type of drug. If so, that would just land him in deeper rubbish.

  2. Hahah. Of course the client never gets it just right. If he’s done with the seer, send him over to me. I have some dried, ground asparagus stalks that work like a charm when applied correctly. Only €50 per ounce, a bargain. — Great story, I loved it. What a fun take on the prompt.

  3. It seems Milano is destined to be disappointed. There is no magical shortcut to solve problems. Someone would have already found it and everyone would soon know. I hope he somehow becomes wiser. Well done, Yarnspinnerr. 🙂 — Suzanne

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