Chained Giants

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Myths of giants chained to the sea floor and history of human endeavors to chain intangible giant’s under-waters like Minamata and Grassy Narrows finally came true in 2346. The pollution giant was transformed and digitalized into a compact-disc the size of a current oil tanker ship. The disc was weighed down and anchored to the sea floor.
The cosmic-law dictated that it be periodically examined and protected from any viral attacks as it could destroy the whole universe. Devoid of any real issues the Government-of-Earth’s major task was to ensure that the pollution-giant did not escape and devour the entire cosmos.

Words  ~101


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


27 thoughts on “Chained Giants

  1. Happy to see you tackle the pollution giant. It is a real problem in real time. Yet our government deems to treat it like it is a fable. Even here in Tennessee where there is recycling, the truck only picks up every other week rather than weekly. Sad.

    • Governments are elected for short terms. They do not see the dividends (votes) materializing at the end of their terms. Other factors also come in to play ……. unfortunate but globally true.

      Thanks for the interest.

  2. What a clever and imaginative story, YS. This is my favorite part of the week; when I get to ‘catch up’ on reading stories, as yours here. If only we could make the gargantuan beastie that is pollution the size of a compact disc and relegate it, chained, to the bottom of the ocean. I’ll bet that’s, by far, the best thing the Government-of-Earth ever did, in the framework of the world you created, right?! Great one, YS!

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