Mysticism of numbers

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story that begins with: “He thought he found the perfect hiding spot”

He thought he found the perfect hiding spot from tangible world. Noel escaped to chaos – the fifth dimension. Ladron’s men stumbled as he drove into the sheer right angled drop from the mountain road.

Chaos is the underlying order of this universe and follows rigid principles  but seems very disorderly. Ladron suspected that his former teacher had discovered a new mathematical principle and wanted it for himself.

In  chaos Noel worked out the corollary to his theory and its application. He returned back with immense understanding. He chose not to publish.

One day Ladron visited him and requested him to share his discovery. Noel handed him a note book.

These are just random number tables?

Yes, a grouping of numbers without any order. It is for you to provide shape and order – an art that all the wizards of olden times had mastered.

Words < 150 

Mondays Finish the Story

17 thoughts on “Mysticism of numbers

  1. Very profound statement that ” Chaos is the underlying order of this universe”. This story reads like a allegory to life and the search for the universe’s secret. Well done!

    • So happy you find this fascinating. Sometimes I throw in a dash of supernatural or mystic or science in my flash pieces ….. to give them an edge. Once again I am glad that some of my peers found it interesting. Ref Mr Ladro means a thief as as such I conjured up Ladron. I hope he props up in some of future blogs and does no go and hide himself.

      Thank you, Leigh 🙂

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