Moon’s Demand

This Friday I am sharing an earlier post with you all. it was written by a famous Hindi poet – Sri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (1908 – 1974). I have taken the liberty of posting a translation (not very exact) here as it reads like a child’s fantasy.

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Prompt  –

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT –© Madison Woods

Once, the moon asked his mother for a thick-woolen tunic.

The mother blessed him and agreed that what he said about cold sky and harsh winds was true. However, she was perturbed about the size of the gown as some times he was just a finger thick and at others had fat yard-full of girth and occasional disappeared. Never seen you having the same size two nights in a row ………. always waxing and waning.

Tell me which day to get you measured for the tunic by the tailor so that it fits you on all days, mother asked.

Words ~ 99


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



20 thoughts on “Moon’s Demand

  1. Cute song. It seems like a story to tell children but I guess it can also be taken as an analogy for the things we want in life -but outgrow soon…our ever changing needs.

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