The conman who saw all

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story that begins with:  “I see absolutely everything.”

“I see absolutely everything.” The conman reiterated.

The skeptic Arabpati (billionaire) tested him thoroughly. The conman succeeded but a sliver of doubt remained in Arabpati’s mind.

The conman’s eye sparkled with a furtive gleam. “Shall I tell you the number of the single bank-note placed in a secret-pocket of your wallet?”

The Arabpati nodded.

“5DAJ32334,” he answered, in a slow tone, “One thousand rupee note.”

“He can see all,” a lady commented. “What is in this?” She held up a little silver box.

“Diamond earrings”.

The lady turned pale, “You mean paste diamonds”

The Arabpati was staring at the man with the lady.

The conman looked surprized and then spoke, “Thanks for correcting me, friend”.

Words < 150 

Mondays Finish the Story

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