The castle that did not exist

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story that begins with: “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.”

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island and those who did- believed it to be a myth. Those who claimed to have seen it gave varying descriptions of it and those who tried to find it did not know where to look for it on the small atoll in the outer reaches the Ganges-estuary.

A police team chasing some bank-robbers on the Hooghly saw them disappear inside a silvery castle one full-moon night. They followed the robbers into  the castle. Unfortunately only three persons arrived back – in a state of shock. One of them died the next day, one had to be confined to a lunatic asylum and the third retreated to a monastery in Tibet.

A detailed geographic-information-system survey revealed that the sea receded for a day when the Sun transits into the Capricorn. Exploration revealed the sea-castle as a store for centuries-of-loot that the ‘thugs’ had plundered from pilgrims.

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22 thoughts on “The castle that did not exist

    • It was the phosphorescence and the many jeweled sea creatures in various states of decay ….. and the occasional human hand, foot or finger that had been cut off for its ring or bangle and deposited as such.

      Perhaps more on this in a future post.
      Thanks for the read.

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