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PHOTO  by Sonya

The tourist addressed the native guide – What the hell is this?
This is a tribute to the first protest on this planet.
What protest?
It was here at this spot that people gathered to protest against dietary discrimination.
I do not comprehend.
Many religions (like Hindus, Jains, etc) frown upon garlic/onion eaters and restrict their right to worship. Many centuries ago the victims of such discrimination collected here and worshipped their deities under an onion shaped clay dome. The practice continued for a few years but then a budding architect hijacked the clay-dome and used it as a model for the earliest onion domes.
So ……… ?
The protest fizzled out. But some academics researched the incidence and built this memorial to their garlicky ancestors.
It has special significance for people who love spicy food but cannot afford it and have adopted a no garlic/onion life style. It also represents a protest against hoarders of essential food commodities.

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