Anatomy for beginners

Prompt  ….


The famous anatomy professor walked in and looked at the fresh entrants to the medical school. He noticed the unease on many faces. The professor grimaced and began …….

I know that many of you believe that God made the human body and that it is perfect. If that had been the case this man (he pointed to the skeleton) would not have died in the prime of his life.

The professor paused and looked around. He was glad to see the expression of keen interest in his students.

Today, I shall just talk about the human skeleton. First of all the choice of material is wrong …. It is too brittle. Secondly, the column supporting this ungainly structure – the spine is a mess. All the curves are in wrong places and put the lower vertebrae under extreme stress making 80 percent of those above 50 suffer from low backache.

I hope I have been able to dislodge your belief in perfection of human anatomy.

He massaged his back and walked out.

Words ~ 174


Thank you Priceless Joy



13 thoughts on “Anatomy for beginners

  1. Interesting story. I would have to say that we were created perfect. But it isn’t a perfect world now so of course the human skeleton isn’t going to be perfect. A fact your prof knows very well. Nice writing.

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