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In the late 19th century this was Washton. It was so called because Harriet Bendix started taking in laundry to finance her husband’s fishing boat that had capsized in one of the especially violent storms that are so frequent here. Unfortunately, the fishing trawlers had discovered this pond by the time she was able to buy the boat her husband wanted. Later a number of wash houses came up across the beach on the Shore Road.

A later Bendix marketed the first automatic washing money. The township came up with the growth of the Bendix Corporation. In late 20th century the Bendix sold the Washton to developers. It was developed as a weekend escape for the IT-professionals from the nearby IT-hub.

The property boom in early 21st century led to its boom housing 30,000 people. The economic downturn of 2008 resulted in a exodus from houses built to cash the rising demand. The city has become a ghost town of few hundred who incessantly talk about the good old days.

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Thank you Priceless Joy



6 thoughts on “Wash-town

  1. Great story! The housing market came to its peak before the housing market crash in 2008 as your story states. I enjoyed reading your story, but very sad for the many people it adversely affected. Your story entails all of that.

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