PhD in Mathematics

Prompt  ….

The professor of mathematics was fond of wearing a sunflower in his buttonhole. A few students doing PhD under his guidance knew the reason.

He supervised their work in the innermost sanctum of his office. There was a small sign above his head that read ……… “Let none enter here who are ignorant of Geometry.”

He would ask the special students to interpret this statement.

Most of the answers were mundane and such students would be asked to work on non-esoteric issues.

A particularly favorite student had answered – It is believed that this was inscribed above the entrance of Plato’s Academy.

The word Geometry means – measurement of earth. Did Plato conduct course on land survey in his academy?

Perhaps he simply wanted to impress on his students  that the least distance between two points is a straight line and it’s truth in philosophy.

The student had to study the sunflower in detail to learn the mathematical secrets of nature.

Words <175


Thank you Priceless Joy



9 thoughts on “PhD in Mathematics

    • All flowers follow a built in mathematical code that is common. It provides a aesthetic as well as logistic strategy to accommodate the different components required to achieve its objective of life ……
      These mathematical principles include Fibonacci numbers, golden ratio (phi) and golden angle.

      Thanks for the interest.

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