The mischief monger

Prompt  ….


The car was mischief personified.

Every time she hit the break spiders came out from under the pedal. She feared arachnids and avoided using the pedal and ended up riding the divider.

Even though turned off, the radio in the car cackled – Going for a date?

Once she entered the car and closed the driver’s door. But immediately, all the doors began to open and shut repeatedly, like wings flapping and the car rose and flew while she clung to the wheels for dear life; the vehicle landed soon after and guffawed, “So you wanted become a pilot when you were a little girl”.

At last she sought help from a class-mate. He dived beneath the engine ………

What did you find?

A  Poltergeist.

Why here?

It is the original owner of the car.

I shall sell this car.

She heard an ominous rumbling deep from the open bonnet.

May be I can do something ….


Oil it with garlic extract.

The water in the radiator boiled over ….  scalding them.

Words <175


Thank you Priceless Joy



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