The first hurdle

Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

Joe confronts an uncertain future – his doting mother had died and his father had disowned him; moreover his 18th birthday was tomorrow. He was also to be released from the correctional facility tomorrow after 3 years – a sentence for assault, causing “permanent disfigurement”, “permanent impairment” and “danger to life” in this high security correction-home.

The theme for this facility is THE STRAIGHT AND THE NARROW.  It has been permanently etched in to Joe’s mind and if one paid attention he could hear him chanting  – straight and narrow, straight and narrow  ….

Next day ………

As Joe walks the straight and narrow way out of prison door into the sunlight, his mind echoes – I will be  good and I will be happy …. if I follow the straight and the narrow. 

Meanwhile his tummy rumbled but it sounded like straight and narrow to him. Deep in his thoughts he took a wrong step and tumbled into the water  ….

Words ~159


Thank you Priceless Joy



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