Sub rosa

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ellespeth’s friend. Thank you Ellespeth’s friend!

Inside the building a Magus sat contemplating in his favorite chair. His chain of thought was broken by a chatter that increased in decibels by the second. He deciphered the buzz …… we shall have them, we shall have them.

The Magus appeared confused for a few moments and then he smiled ……….. Oh, the sand in the walls! He frowned and closed his eyes.

The Magus saw the worker at the top and felt his sweaty palms. He also felt the pain from the sharp edged quartz trapped between the palm and the scaffold.  The pain became insufferable and the worker loosened his grip and he slipped. He fell taking with him the worker who was trying to maintain his balance by holding on to the seat of his pants. The scene changed and the Magus watched protestors gathered around two coffins blocking the main square of the town.

Next the Magus saw a doctor examining X-rays  – ‘silico-tuberculosis’ he wrote.

There is indeed a whole world in a grain of sand.

Words ~ 173
From individual grains to desert dunes, from the bottom of the sea to the landscapes of Mars, and from billions of years in the past to the future, this is the extraordinary story of one of nature’s humblest, most powerful, and most ubiquitous materials. Told by a geologist with a novelist’s sense of language and narrative, Sand examines the science—sand forensics, the physics of granular materials, sedimentology, paleontology and archaeology, planetary exploration—and at the same time explores the rich human context of sand. Interwoven with tales of artists, mathematicians, explorers, and even a vampire, the story of sand is an epic of environmental construction and destruction, an adventure in staggering scales of time and distance, yet a tale that encompasses the ordinary and everyday. Sand, in fact, is all around us—it has made possible our computers, buildings and windows, toothpaste, cosmetics, and paper, and it has played dramatic roles in human history, commerce, and imagination. In this luminous, kinetic, revelatory account, we do indeed find the world in a grain of sand. Sand -The Never-Ending Story by Michael Welland.

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