Between three and two wheels

Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT - © Al Forbes

PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes

If aliens really exist and they are truly conversant with the ways of earthly creatures and IF they have a true desire to capture this planet – their strategy would be closely linked to the automobile and the human love for things of the past.

De Dion-Boutons the largest automobile-manufacturer before 1910 had to close down their business because they did not believe in making a car for the masses.  Yet we have a thriving De Dion-Bouton Club and an active trade in all kinds of Dion-Bouton machines.

The aliens just have to rid this planet of nostalgia / automobiles ……

Words ~100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



13 thoughts on “Between three and two wheels

  1. Now that was a ‘yarnspinner’ if ever there was one… 😉 😉
    Ironic! I’d not heard of De Dion-Bouton before this either; however, after googling I can see why many would enjoy the brand. The vehicles are simply gorgeous.
    Uh oh, looks like I may be prime Alien fodder…

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