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This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com.
Fat Shilly played guitar well but instead of applause she was laughed at whenever she performed.
She worked hard to lose weight and finally succeeded in shedding a lot of it. People who knew her were reminded of the ugly duckling fairy tale. Girls have to work extra hard to be taken seriously. She developed her individual style through an offbeat use of the tritone also known as the devils interval.
At one of her concerts Shrill Sheila (Shilly) decided to experiment. I shall share a secret with you all today – I lost my weight using a Hindu mantra. Now I shall play it for you in different raags of classical Indian music.
Om Vaisvanaraya vidhmahe
Lalelaya dhimahi
Tanno Agnih prachodayat
She played it in raag Deepak and as she hit the first triton ….. Agni the Fire-God accepted her offering.
Words ~ 143


Thank you Priceless Joy



16 thoughts on “Ignition

  1. It’s sad that no one would take her serious until she lost weight. I love how you wove in the “fire God” into your story by her playing a tune to him. Wonderful tale weaving. Great story YS!

  2. There’s so much truth in your story about how a girl is judged so harshly for her appearance and specifically her weight. I love how you weaved the music aspects, the prejudice aspects, and the fire god aspect all into your story!

  3. Yeah, that is sad no one took her seriously because she weighed a bit much. She probably wasn’t even much over weight, just overweight for a female singer who are often tiny and like a size 2. Like the cord and how it was an offering to a Hindu god, very interesting.

  4. intriguing, It’s a shame we are judged by appearances rather than talent and substance. And still, could I lose weight with that hindu mantra? just a thought lol, easier than not eating oreo cookies 🙂

  5. It’s sad that the world we live in judges more on a person’s appearance than on their ability. I might have to try out that mantra, though… Great story. 🙂

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