Recurring scam

Prompt  ….

Copyright-Sean Fallon

PHOTO PROMPT – © Sean Fallon

Agent X sent in a coded report that had been long awaited.  It read …….

There is a small grocery just outside the airport which supplies the terrorists with batteries and detonators. It also furnishes the incoming terrorist with suitable garments, duplicate documents and their other needs – bla bla bla  …………..

The chief read it and sent it to the in-house geo-political expert for substantiation .

The document came back with a stick-on note that stated – This is the 2016 version of ‘Our man In Havana’ and ‘The tailor of Panama’.

Words ~ 91


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



14 thoughts on “Recurring scam

    • John le Carré’s The Tailor of Panama, follows footsteps of Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana Greene’s humble vacuum-cleaner merchant, Jim Wormold, was made into a reluctant agent by British intelligence and makes an ass of his superiors by feeding them fabricated, vacuum-cleaner-inspired blueprints and plots, causing all hell to break loose in sultry Havana. Likewise, Le Carré’s humble tailor, Harry Pendel, feeds nonsense to his boss.

      Agent X is a modern version. Thanks for the visit.

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