The truth

Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

These few steps lead to a stairway that descends in to a valley. People visit the valley in search of truth. There are many legends and myths about this valley and the stairway.

It is believed that when the stair count is same while going down and coming up – the person may consider himself free from illusion and ready to embrace the ultimate truth. 

Once I visited the place and went down to the valley.  I met a number of people on the way all concentrating on the step count. I climbed back thinking of another similar valley I had once visited in Central India.

Patalkot* – the man besides me asked.

Yes, but how did you know?

You are not counting the steps ……. WHY?

I make my living by creating illusion ……

Ah! Another friend who understands truth without really appreciating it.

Words ~ 144
* A deep valley in Satpura hills, India.


Thank you Priceless Joy



11 thoughts on “The truth

  1. So, would that make him the “bad guy” of this valley? After all, they are suppose to try and be free of illusion and he is creating illusion. Great story! I’m just a little confused.

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