A prehistoric relationship

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It is truly remarkable that the ferocious wolves evolved in to the wide spectrum of dogs that we find today – from beasts trained to kill people to creatures so faint hearted that they are afraid of their own shadows.

The standard explanation of wolf’s transformation to dog through selective breeding, ie, choosing those with desired traits and culling others is widely believed. However, recently discovered fossils and new genetic research does not support this theory. It is now clear that humans and proto-dogs evolved together. Our ancestors chose them but the dogs chose us too – because of our inbuilt sense of gratitude to those who feed us. It is the reason for our historical intimacy and dependence.

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8 thoughts on “A prehistoric relationship

  1. While we have likely changed since first domesticating the wolf I would be hesitant to link that correlation to any particular causation. I would add dogs to the general category of “tools” which certainly has had a great effect on our evolution.

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