Truly dead

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Uday, with the blog, Udayology. Thank you Uday!

In the last century, this place used to be full of newly-wed couples, young marriageable maids draped in silk finery accompanied by their parents and young men in suit and ties. Such photographs filled an important niche in homes and lives of those who came to the studio.

The photographer also made money by his skills in photographic trickery. The more ingenious ones took greater risks and earned big money by crossing the borders of law and morality. The digital technology and the mobile-cam put an end to such activities as the expertise essential for tricks are widely available courtesy software like Photoshop.

Some could never adjust and had to sell off their business. Others adapted and conducted their business on the World Wide Web.  Still others with a taste for living on the edge served the ad agencies and escort business.

While the photographers survived the small-town photo studio is truly dead thought the old photographer as nostalgia overwhelmed him.

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11 thoughts on “Truly dead

  1. That surely is the truth! The film developing companies have all gone out of business. Those ‘times’ are dead and will stay that way due to new technology. Photography has evolved, thank goodness! Great story YS!!

  2. It’s a sad truth. But there are occasions where it’s nice to have actual photos, for big events in life etc. I think the photographers that survive are the ones that are mobile, taking there Nikkon camera with them, letting the subjects choose the location. Great job.

  3. Well told… Although “The more ingenious ones took greater risks and earned big money by crossing the borders of law and morality.” Depending on his status with the meanings of this… His closing shop might have been a good thing? Enjoyed!

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