Nesting behavior

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Pair formation in birds is closely related to nest building behavior as seen in selection of nest site and material during courtship. Occasionally it is also observed in the puzzling and idiosyncratic search for Mr. or Ms. Right in humans

Young Wick wanted to marry Bobby but a little matter of where they would live could not be sorted out. Wick had shown her many houses but none of them satisfied Bobby.

One day Wick took her to see the little cottage in the prompt and a smile lit up pretty Bobby’s face; she moved ahead opened the door and entered the cottage. Once inside the door she found a largish unkempt garden.

You wanted to fool me?

No, I just want you to approve the front. The interior shall be built as you desire.

It took some years to complete and once it was built Jean (Bobby’s close friend and advisor) liked it better. She also liked Wick better than Booby ……..

Words ~ 163


Thank you Priceless Joy


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