Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Graham, author of the blog, grahamisjustmyname. Thank you Graham!

A foreign-correspondent posted to the capital of an iron-curtain country felt lonely and despondent one evening. Looking for some food and a drink he walked down to the hotel-bar.  Music, loud-laughter and his instinct for news led him to the lavish banquet hall. He chose a lone table and sat down to enjoy the birthday celebrations of a minor party official.

Soon he was joined by a lady in early thirties. A few drinks, some snacks, chit chat and it was 11.30 – official time for closing of such places. Both of them wanted a few drinks more and there were no  public places that would be open. The rooms were heavily bugged. So they decided to go for a drive … the foreign-correspondent had a bottle in his car.  After a few drinks down a dark alley they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A passing car woke them and the foreign-correspondent wondered where the secret police is?

In your arms replied a sleepy voice.

Words ~165


Thank you Priceless Joy



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