Ghost town tourism

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PHOTO PROMPT © Mary Shipman

PHOTO PROMPT – © Mary Shipman

Hordes of visitors flock to ghost towns that were once  mining-camps or frontier-boom -towns.  Quasi-theme parks with staged gunfights, trinket shops and cooked up history is the main menu.

Recently a bright marketing executive added ‘the old general store’ to these ghost towns.  A distinct aroma comprising ripe cheese, pickles, kerosene, farm-produce, feed, cured meats, leather, and tobacco smoke was specially prepared to entice the tourist. Barlow knives, Stevens single-shot rifles, Jew’s harps, harmonicas, china-dolls, dresses, glass-beads, and ribbons etc are stored in dark corners. Old catalogues and barrels are strewn around.

The visitors enjoy picking out gifts and souvenirs.

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Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



27 thoughts on “Ghost town tourism

  1. no argument to that! Love the description of the scents. My parents owned our local general store, dad had a leather shop there. That pretty well covered the prevailing aroma.
    You brought back some memories!

  2. Heritage packaged and sold – very good. Love the idea of them creating the scent of the old shop. Experienced the same myself here in the UK, where a Viking heritage sight has created the smell of fish stalls and leather and woodworking – and latrines! – for tourists. Nice write

  3. Exploiting the curiosity of humans is how tourism works. Those miners would have never imagined that their meagre existence would one day become a curiosity. Nicely done with great descriptions.

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