The Economics of it all ….

Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by momtheobscure. Thank you momtheobscure!

The Professor of Economics picnicking below the grand rock of ‘Strong Man’s Cove’ had taken a number of photographs and was studying them while his wife laid out the packed lunch.

W -You seem to be fascinated by the rock, dear.

Prof – Yes, it highlights the basis of modern economy.

W- I do not quite see economics in this sculpture.

Prof- You can see the man toiling ….. that is economic deprivation and exploitation.

W- Oh!

Prof – Further, you can assume this piece of sculpture was funded and out sourced to an artist. You appreciate the class difference between the two ….. do you think they are economically at par.

W- No.

Prof- This piece of land here belongs to the public but has been used to give out a message by the government. It has also been developed as a tourist spot through public-funds probably earmarked for some other purpose. Let us leave early to escape the rush ….. we can continue this on our drive home.

Words ~169


Thank you Priceless Joy



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