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This week’s photo prompt is provided by S. Writings. Thank you S. Writings!

Post 9/11, the firm used all the tools in its kitty to track down the terrorists and their boss.  It was not an easy task  using only ELINT and SIGINT. There was an urgent need to bring in HUMINT and this was near impossible because of social and cultural milieu at their epicenter.

The mandarins that dwelt in the darker recesses of the firm identified potential sources deep in the enemy territory and devised ways to build bridges to them through their agents using local culture and practices.

Foreigners posted to the country were recruited and they took great interest in the indigenous truck art. Some of them went to such extremes as to get their cars painted with landscapes or mountains, waterfalls, flowers, animals and other local motifs.

This helped the agents develop a rapport with the locals employed in transport sector and collect first hand information. It  was the core that later resulted in raid on Abbotabad in 2011.

car art

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