True Blue

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Nearly 40 years ago waste water from a recently commissioned geothermal power plant formed a pool here.  The hot water pool attracted bathers and then the rumors started that attracted others. Soon the place was overflowing with tourists.

Parts of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ a sexy and salacious romance was filmed here.  The tourist industry cashed it and helped spread the rumor.  They even built a gaudy night club where one could enjoy  amazingly gratifying sex with extremely desirable humanoids.

Post Viagra there was dip in the tourist trade but frequent upgradation of the humanoid software keeps the place humming.

Words ~ 99


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



18 thoughts on “True Blue

  1. Wow, that is what I call a fascinating take on the prompt. Wish there was more to read. Rated R humanoid software, geothermal water pool, it’s like an erotic sci-fi. Who would’ve thunk those genres could work together like that O_O. Exceptionally well-written!

  2. Hahahahaha! Hilarious! Reminds me of Mad Magazine’s Star Wars parody back in the day where Luke went to the bar bathroom and out of the stall came a guy with something like twelve heads. Then, Luke entered the stall and there were twelve holes. Might be your sequel right there.

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