Nature of time

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Our interest in dinosaurs was rekindled by Crichton’s novel and Spielberg’s film – ‘Jurassic park’ in the initial years of last decade of last century,   surprisingly the public interest has sustained.

In a linear time scale the dinosaurs and humans are separated by a time span of many million years – than why this sudden interest on the part of Crichton or Spielberg and the common man on the street.  The circular model of time is now conjectured to be more accurate.  If this is applied to the problem at hand then the dinosaurs not only have preceded us but are also lurking in our future; and that future may just be round the corner.

The Professor of Physics was lecturing on the ‘Nature of time’ and moved on to the next slide that dealt with the ‘chicken or the egg’ causality dilemma.

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11 thoughts on “Nature of time

  1. Really it is a scary thought that dinosaurs are lurking in our future and they probably are with this cloning technology. That’s funny that they started discussing the “chicken and the egg.” Which came first. The chicken or the egg? LOL! Great story, YS!

  2. An interesting story, Yarnspinner. Let’s hope dinosaurs are actually a long way in our future and not just around the corner! I’m not sure humanity would fare all that well if they had to share the planet with dinosaurs.

  3. physicists live in an abstract world and create formulas that hold the universe together. But there’s logic in there i am sure, i am still trying to get the formula right…..

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