The Miracle

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The old man sadly watched the sterile sea that was once full of life and provided him with a livelihood.  Suddenly he noticed a figure dressed in green dive into the waters. Another suicide – he thought; and dived into the corrosive waters.  The man vanished soon and he realized the futility of his action.

A fortnight later a school of local fish in the same waters surprised the old man. It is a miracle.

That night the figure in green visited him in his dreams and declared I am Elijah the original green one.

Words ~ 95

The first oil spill occurred at Isle of Sicily in 1907 and the most recent one on the 19th of this month.  Refugio State Beach, California.  Huge amounts of oil and dispersants have been poured in to the sea world over.  Amazingly the seas of the world continue to have life.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


10 thoughts on “The Miracle

  1. The regeneration power of the planet is amazing and a cause for hope. If we only stopped throwing everything everywhere, things would go back to a stable state, but when will we? Good story.

  2. I went swimming with my cousins in the Pacific Ocean off the shore of California in the 1950’s. Our feet were black on the bottom when we came out of the water. It was caused by offshore oil fields of that time. No one thought much of it. It’s a type of desecration of the world’s oceans for which we’re paying dearly. Good story, Yarnspinnerr. —- Suzanne

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